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Handling e-mails - reduce the stress levels PDF Print

E-mail is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and can be a frustrating burden, hindering important work. Here are some tips for more efficient handling of e-mail.

  • Beware of junk mailing lists. - Avoid giving your e-mail address unless you know exactly what is on offer. De-register from any newswires you no longer find useful.
  • Delete at will. - Use the delete key as freely as possible. Delete all obvious junk without reading it. Do not reply to unwanted 'spam', as this will merely confirm that your account is active.
  • Filter your mail. - Automatic systems such as Outlook or Eudora can direct your email to preset folders to save you having to sort the wheat from the chaff.
  • Prioritise your mail. - Most programs allow you to assign different colours to e-mail from selected people. So, if e-mails from a certain person are usually important, you can colour code them and deal with them quickly.
  • Don't let your inbox build up. - Clear it out regularly, or the stress will mount.
  • Use auto-replies. - Some packages allow you to automatically reply when you are not available, saying exactly that.
  • Keep only one or two accounts. - While extra accounts might appear useful, remember that more addresses means more mail.
  • Learn e-mail etiquette. - To help others out, always re-read your message before sending it. E-mails should be succinct and to the point. Never use upper case only, IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING!
  • Maintain verbal communication where possible. - Get up and talk to someone three desks away rather than emailing them!


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