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Ensuring proper virus protection PDF Print

With computer viruses becoming ever more frequent and robust, businesses need to be wise to the dangers and aware of the precautions they must take in the information age.

Assume the worst

Don't wait until a virus strikes to invest in software, install an effective anti-virus programme today.

And introduce a comprehensive computer security regime:

  • Update pattern or virus definition files regularly, more than once a week
  • Run complete scans on computers on a weekly basis
  • Ensure all disks are scanned and employees are warned about the virus-carrying tendencies of downloadable items like screensavers and images
  • Ensure that macro-viruses carried in popular programs such as Word and Excel are identified by your software.

If you want to be double secure:

  • Scan e-mails and attachments before they are opened
  • Invest in two software packages to give your network a backup in the event of one product being slower or failing to recognise particular viruses.


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