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SWOT analysis - look before you market PDF Print

It is one thing to be aware of all the things you should be doing; it is another to find the time to do them!

You might find a SWOT analysis helps you prioritise your tasks:

  • Strengths - What things are you really good at and how can you make the most of them?
  • Weaknesses - What things find their way to the bottom of your "To Do" list every day?
  • Opportunities - What are the main opportunities for developing your business in the future?
  • Threats - What are the things beyond your control such as increased competition that could threaten your business?

SWOT analyses are useful for two reasons:

  1. They force you to spend some time thinking about the issues facing your business
  2. They provide a framework for prioritising issues so that you can make the best use of your limited time


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