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Key features to consider using on your website PDF Print

Buying into e-commerce

Before buying an e-commerce software package, check that it has the following features:

Most packages will provide a 'shopping trolley' or 'shopping cart' facility in which the customer's purchases can be stored while they continue browsing for other products. At the end of the visit the customer enters a 'checkout' page, where they confirm the purchases in the trolley, and then pay. You will also want to ensure that some form of secure payment facility is included.

These have to work faultlessly. Web users often order online because they expect the process to be quick and easy. Hence it is imperative that they are not expected to go back into order forms, start the process again, or have to follow up their online order.

What's new

A 'What's New' section can apply to firm news, new products or improvements in existing products and services. Many successful websites have learnt that web users readily buy into the concept of news - where they receive refreshed content each day, or if necessary, throughout the day.


Do not forget a link with your contact details. These could be bracketed under a 'Help,' 'Contact Us' or 'Further information' section.



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