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Writing for your website PDF Print

Writing for websites requires different skills from those needed for printed publications.

Here are some general tips:

  • Accuracy - Check your facts thoroughly. If people see even one thing on your pages that they know to be wrong their confidence in your whole site is likely to be undermined.
  • Simplicity - Write succinct copy and use simple, direct words to convey your ideas or present your product.
  • Brevity - Short words, short sentences and short paragraphs work best. Paragraphs should seldom be more than two or three sentences long.
  • Sense - It is easy to overlook mistakes such as missing words or lines on a screen. Be particularly vigilant in checking for this kind of error.
  • Spelling - Use a spellchecker and a dictionary every time you compose or edit copy. Ask a colleague to proofread your copy.
  • Punctuation - If you miss an apostrophe, question mark, or full stop, you can be sure someone will spot it!


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